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Kaimalino Place

Kamille Rudisill
written about our island home, in Kailua, Hawaii...
I grew up on the island shore
The ocean was at my back door
The rockin’ waves were my lullabies
When I laid down to close my eyes
I would laugh and play all day
Beggin’ for the sun to stay
Now I look up at the moon
Wonderin’ how it passed so soon

Walked to school without my shoes
Never knew about the blues
Never turnin’ on the news
Dancin’ like nobody’s there
Didn’t ever comb my hair
Cause I really didn’t care
Nothing could ever replace
My Kaimalino Place, my Kaimalino Place

I could watch the stars come out each night
Makin’ the ocean glow so bright
Discovering so many things
Amazed at what those waves would bring
How the sand caressed my feet
As I walked along that beach
I’d watch the sun rise every day
At dusk the sky turned purple gray


I wanna’ live that life again
Everything just seemed so perfect then
No demons, no reasons to cry
That’s why it made it, so hard to say goodbye
Hard to say goodbye
Say goodbye