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June 2, 2008
Kelly Rudisill
This song is about a relationship which both started and ended with FaceBook...

The instrumental version of Colorblind is playing under the video on this site's home page!
A drive by kind of look in your eye
It don’t mean much to me
Cause I can’t see
A picture perfect stare into nowhere
Why should I care
Maybe it’s cause I think
You’re looking at me

I hide my tracks, no lookin back
Too many boys and too much slack
Yeah, I’ve been burned
Red flags are up, and I’m still stuck in your stare
And now I’m the one who’s goin nowhere
This doesn’t seem too fair

You’re on my mind really too many times in one day
What’s the matter with me anyway
I’m jaded and blue, but crazy for you
Maybe it’s a sign
I’m colorblind

We’re holding hands, kissing in France
We have big plans and a big romance
Then I wake up
I rub my eyes, I rub my head
I don’t wanna get out of bed
But then I do just to look at that picture of you
Over and over again




It’s a little cold
Let’s break the ice
I’ll set the board
You roll the dice
Yeah, you go first

© 2004 KKR Publishing